Drones, the most cowardly violation of human rights


Leonardo Boff

We are living in a world where human rights are violated at practically every level, familial, local, national and planetary. The 2013 Annual Report of Amnesty International, that covers 159 countries, makes just this painful observation, with respect to 2012. Instead of advancing respect for human dignity and the rights of individuals, peoples and ecosystems, we are returning to barbaric levels. The violations are endless, and the means of this aggression are increasingly sophisticated.

The most cowardly form are the «drones», planes without pilots, directed by a young soldier in front of a TV monitor, as if he were playing a game, who from a base in Texas manages to identify a group of Afghans celebrating a wedding, where presumably there may be a guerrillero from Al Quaeda. That presupposition is enough, with a small click, to launch a bomb that annihilates the whole group, including many innocent mothers and…

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